Keeping carpets clean in Bristol.


A Special Kind Of Carpet Cleaning For Residents In Bristol.

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this site is to help you with your carpet cleaning in bristol. We do everything carpet cleaning related. From DIY to commercial carpet cleaning. Let us help you with your carpet cleaning requirements.

Most companies in bristol use soil extraction carpet cleaning as their main source of cleaning for carpets. But we actually go one step further.

Introducing, carpet pre-spray and brush agitation.

Its this system which has cleaned thousands of residents carpets of all types. This system uses a carpet cleaning pre-spray solution first. The solution is sprayed onto carpets first like a fine mist. Then we brush agitate the pre-sprayed solution into the carpet pile. It is this motion which does all of the cleaning work, its pre-cleaning the carpets.

Having thoroughly pre-cleaned the carpet, we then use the soil extraction machine. Simply, we rinse out the pre-spray solution and the loose, dissolved soils from the carpet pile. This will leave carpets clean and you get no resoling later. The rinse solution that we use is a neutral PH solution. This rinsing procedure will not leave any alkaline solution in the carpet. It is alkalinity which attracts soil.

If you’d like to take us on in Bristol, we would be happy to help you. Please dial this number 0843 8865861 and we will return your call within the day. Just leave your name and contact number after the greeting message.

Just one last thing. If you would like to DIY in Bristol, we can help you with that too. When you call, just say DIY after you leave your details. We look forward to hearing from you.

Helping you with your carpet cleaning needs now and in the future.